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Sean Reis is a San Diego personal injury lawyer. His office provides hope for seriously injured people. He has been practicing law for over twenty years and he represents people who have suffered a serious injury in an accident. This includes broken bones, spinal injuries, brain injuries and more. Whether it is the result of a car accident, defective product, or motorcycle accident, the financial and emotional devastation caused by a serious personal injury should be addressed immediately.


Serious injuries often necessitate a lifetime of medical treatment. Accident victims may face decades of lost income because of their disability. In many cases an insurance company is supposed to pay for these damages. Unfortunately, insurance companies refuse to pay fair value for catastrophic injuries. Insurance adjusters are literally trained to under pay for personal injury cases. If you live in San Diego, it is essential to hire a great San Diego personal injury lawyer who knows how to force insurance companies to pay full value for your damages.

An Attorney Who Cares

There are lots of flashy and boastful personal injury lawyers across California. What makes Sean Reis different? He is far more interested in helping people than bragging about himself. Individuals and families come to him in a time of need, and he takes that responsibility seriously. He will take the time to get to know you and how the injury has affected your life. He understands that effective representation requires close personal contact with his client throughout the duration the case. Mr. Reis will provide hope for seriously injured people.

Your physical injury alone can’t describe what you experience. Emotional suffering, inability to work, damaged property, and loss of enjoyment of life are all very real consequences of serious injury accidents. California injury law and insurance policies are supposed to compensate victims for these damages. Without the right help, insurance adjusters will refuse to pay. You need the right San Diego personal injury lawyer for your case. Mr. Reis knows how to unlock insurance policies and pressure adjusters into paying his clients full value for their case.

Free Consultation & Contingency Fee Lawyer

Sean Reis represents accident victims on out of his San Diego office. His office will be happy to provide you with a free consultation to find out if your case is worth pursuing. If he takes your case, he will represent you on a contingency fee. This means that there are no out of pocket expenses for you and he only gets paid if recovers money on your behalf. There is no fee unless he wins. As an added bonus, settlements and verdicts in injury cases are usually tax free.

Serious Injury Cases We Handle

Car Accident

Nobody thinks that they would ever be injured in a car accident. But broken bones and long term spinal injuries are extremely common. Sometimes the injury is slow developing or exacerbates a pre-existing injury. These legal issues are exceedingly complex and you shouldn’t try to wander the insurance maze without a San Diego personal injury lawyer. Insurance lawyers and adjusters make it is almost impossible for a non-lawyer to determine the real value of their car accident claim.

Motorcycle Accident

The most common types of motorcycle accidents are when a car turns in front of a bike, hits the motorcyclist while changing lanes, or runs into the biker at a stop light. Motorcycle accidents are the worst type of traffic crash since motorcycles are often driven at high speeds and don’t offer riders any protection. Serious leg, neck, and head injuries are often the result. It is critically important to have an experienced motorcycle lawyer to fight for your legal rights.

Wrongful Death

The emotional toll that the death of a loved one has caused cannot be adequately expressed in words. If the death is the result of someone else’s negligence that pain is even more acute. Sadly, insurance companies often treat wrongful death cases like a number. This infuriates Mr. Reis. You must have an experienced attorney who will fight for justice.

Truck Accident

There are a lot of trucks in San Diego. If you have been hurt in an accident involving a big-rig or other commercial truck, determining what caused the accident, who is responsible, and your compensable damages is impossible for a non-lawyer. Truck accidents may involve many parties, including the driver, the owner of the transported load, the owner of the truck, and the truck manufacturer. It is important to contact a San Diego personal injury lawyer immediately after the accident.

Defective Product Accident

When a product or device harms someone, the company that made the product may be responsible for the damages. The company may be liable if the product was defectively designed, manufactured, or the company failed to properly warn the individual. These are difficult cases. To win these cases you must have an experienced lawyer who understands the legal hurdles.

Bicycle Accident

San Diego is bicycle country. But an aggressive or distracted driver can cause a serious accident, and bicyclists can sustain severe and even fatal injuries. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident in San Diego, you should not have to pay for a bad driver’s mistakes. Bicycle accidents victims and their families can seek financial compensation for their losses by filing a personal injury claim against the at-fault party.

Dog Bite Attack 

Children are the victim of over 70% of dog bites and are often left with serious scars for life. California has enacted laws which hold a dog owner or landlord liable for a dog bite attack even if the dog has never bitten anyone. Usually, the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy is supposed to cover bite victims. But without a strong San Diego personal injury lawyer to fight for you or your child’s rights, it may be impossible to recover anything close to fair value.

Slip & Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents are caused when a person slips or trips on a floor, sidewalk, obstruction, or other unsafe condition. Generally, the owner of the property where the fall occurs is responsible for the resulting injuries if they failed to act reasonably and use ordinary care in the management of that property. In essence, the owner, whether they are a private person or public entity, must act reasonably in managing that property and take into account the probability of injury to others. When the owner fails to do so, the injured party may hire a San Diego personal injury attorney and recover for the damage caused by the slip and fall.

Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrians are sometimes struck by cars, motorcycles, trucks, and bicycles. They are usually unprotected unlike occupants of motor vehicles. The impact of a large vehicle can be significant and can result in severe trauma. CA has several right-of-way laws that apply to pedestrians. These laws exist to protect pedestrians. Many of the pedestrian accidents in California occur because motorists and bicyclists fail to follow these laws. To find out if your injury is the result of a violation of law contact an experienced PI lawyer.

Our Attorney is Looking for the Following Clients:

  1. Serious Injury Victims – Sean Reis only represents individuals who have suffered a serious or catastrophic injury. If you’ve suffered a minor injury, we would be happy to refer you another personal injury attorney that we trust who can get you the justice you deserve. We provide hope for seriously injured people.
  2. Those Who Need Help – Please don’t call this office is you think you know better than the lawyer. We want to help those who are appreciative of the time, effort, and money it takes to win these cases. After all, the attorney gets paid more if he maximizes your case value.
  3. Honest Clients – Sean’s office only represents honest people who will tell the truth. If you try to lie to exaggerate your claim, we can promise that we will find out and withdraw as your legal counsel. Lying only hurts your claim.

San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer

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We genuinely care for your wellbeing and want to fight for the justice you deserve. Call this office for a free consultation – you will be surprised how much it will put mind at ease when you trust your legal team. You will be surprised how well we take care of our clients.

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