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Our attorney represents residents of Del Mar who have been seriously injured in an accident. We provide hope to people who have suffered catastrophic injuries. Catastrophic injuries include severe neck, brain, and burn injuries. Regardless of whether you injury was caused by a product defect, a traffic accident, or the unsafe condition of someone else’s property you should contact a personal injury lawyer as these injuries can have lasting effects.

Del Mar is the 36th largest city in San Diego County and is the home of not only the Del Mar racetrack, but also the San Diego County Fair. This Mediterranean-subtropical city was incorporated in 1959 and is the home to the rarest pine tree in the United States, the Torrey Pine. For more information, you can visit Del Mar’s official website or the official Wikipedia page. With so much going on in Del Mar, it’s not hard to imagine that occasionally there are people who need a attorney.

Del Mar Personal Injury Lawyer

Types of Accidents and Cases

Vehicle Accidents

Our lawyer takes cases for people that have been involved in serious traffic accidents. With the necessity of vehicles nowadays, it’s a shame that they result in some of the most commonly suffered injuries. Del Mar, unfortunately, is no exception. The types of traffic accidents that our personal injury attorney takes include:

Premises Liability Accidents

Premise liability accidents are accidents that occur on the property of another person. If you have suffered another injury because of an unsafe condition on another’s property, a business’s property, or public lands, you should speak with a lawyer. Some examples of these unsafe conditions are:

Defective Products

If a product you bought has caused serious injury to you or a loved one, you should speak with a personal injury counselor. Though the technology of design and manufacturing gets better every year, defective products still make it onto the market. When this happens, the insurance companies that represent these makers pay the victim as little as possible. It’s their job. To keep this from happening, you should have your injury reviewed by a personal injury professional.

Del Mar | Accident & Personal Injury Help

Finding the attorney that is just right for you is a tough process. Our attorney is experience and will work tirelessly to bring you peace of mind. If you or a loved one have had injuries like the ones listed above, we believe it is in your best interest to contact an attorney right away. You have a limited amount of time to file your lawsuit, and when it passes, it passes for good.

Furthermore, we offer free consultations, so you lose nothing by investigating what you have to gain. We will look at your case, go over it with you, and tell you what the best course of action is.

If our attorney takes your case, you will be represented on a contingency fee. This means that our office only gets paid if you get paid. If our attorney wins or settles your case for money, the office will be paid a percentage agreed upon before trial. This means that you pay nothing to go to trial. If you have any additional questions, call our office today.