Vista Personal Injury Lawyer

Our attorney is a personal injury attorney. His law office represents people in Vista, San Diego, who have sustained serious injuries in accidents. We also take care of people who have had catastrophic injuries. These kinds of injuries include severe burns, amputation, broken bones, and head injuries. Regardless of whether your injury was caused by a product defect, unsafe premises, or traffic accident, the consequences created by such an injury can be massive and should be looked into as soon as possible.

Vista is the seventh most populous city in the County and was incorporated in 1963. Vista received its name when a settler, John Frazier, was unsuccessful at naming it “Frazier’s Crossing” or “Buena Vista” due to those names already being taken. It is also one of two cities that claim to be “the avocado capital of the world” (the other being Fallbrook). For more information on the city of Vista, go to its website here. Vista’s Wikipedia site can be found here. Though Vista is a lovely stop along Route 78, its residents and visitors still suffer from the occasional accident and those people need the help of a personal injury attorney.

Accident and Case Types

Vehicular Accidents

The Vista lawyer located in our office handles people who have been victims in a variety of traffic accidents. No one plans on being in a car accident, but they are very common and cause many injuries. Vista, being so populous, has its fair share of these accidents. Our Vista personal injury lawyer helps victims of the following:

Vista Personal Injury Lawyer, San Diego California

Premises Liability Injuries

Sometimes accidents occur while we are on another’s property. These are called “premises accidents.” If you were in the city of Vista and were injured while on someone else’s property, whether a business, a residence, or a public place, because of a condition that is not safe, you may want to discuss your case with a injury lawyer. Some examples include:

Defective Products

If you have purchased a product, and that product ends up seriously injuring you, you may want the help of an attorney to decide if it is worth your while to pursue a claim. Defective products injury many people every year and the manufacturers should be held responsible for these accidents. It is an unfortunate truth, but the insurance companies used by these brands do their best to refrain from adequately compensating victims of these accidents. To stop this from happening, we recommend that you hire a attorney.

Vista Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding a lawyer is difficult. Our lawyer has plenty of experience in these courtroom battles and puts in the effort to maximize your recovery. If any of the above accidents have happened to you, we recommend you contact a Vista personal injury attorney immediately. Accidents like this have an expiration date to file your claim, and if you miss it, you miss out.

The consultations offered by our office are free, so you lose nothing by having your case reviewed by our office. Our attorney will review your case and let you know if a lawsuit is the right way to go.

Furthermore, if our office takes your case, our Vista personal injury attorney will be paid on a contingency basis. Essentially, this means that you will not pay anything unless our attorney wins your case. When that happens, the attorney receives a percentage of the award which will be discussed before the case begins and the costs of going to court. You pay nothing unless you win, so call our office for more information.