Featured in Funny YouTube Video About Personal Injury Commercials

So my good friend, Branigan Robertson, just released this hilarious video poking fun at the personal injury world. PI lawyers are known for having terrible commercials and tacky ads. Branigan compiled a bunch of the worst ones and put them together in a great video. He interviewed me for twenty minutes over lunch. Only about two minutes made the final cut. But I think you all will appreciate the video. Its hilarious!

And before any of you ask me, no I don’t run any personal injury commercials. I don’t do any advertising (except for this website). I get plenty of clients. Like I said in the video, its your reputation that carries the day. I’ve never felt the need to have big explosions or a catchy catch phrase like these guys. I’m not even sure how effective these commercials are. If someone has the data, send it my way! I would love to know.

This video fits in nicely with my last post about terrible personal injury billboards. If you want to continue the fun, read that too.

Branigan is an employment lawyer up in Irvine.

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